Customer solutions

Improve your business with RootOwl platform

Use the RootOwl platform the way you need. Use & integrate only those security components which you want and disregard others. Choose if you want to deploy our platform into your own IDC, to a your preferred cloud provider or to our custom-secured cloud infrastructure. Your access to our community and support services won’t be affected by your choice.
Prototype faster & cheaper. Reach the market with confidence
You got a great idea, but your budget or time is limited. You have to show results to investors soon and before running out of savings.
We support your idea by helping you launch a fully functional apps much faster, at lower cost and with significantly higher security by avoiding the costs and time needed to develop a user-management, user-authentication, configuring web servers, HTTPS, filtering malicious user content and more. Cloud computing and docker made deployment faster and easier, RootOwl platform makes application development & faster faster.
Scale your application with ease
Now, the first MVP is launched and everything runs off a single server, but your demand explodes. Congratulations, but how to scale without breaking your application and the overall security?
Our platform helped you build applications faster by removing all security code into distinct service components. Now, move the components into different servers and only set the configuration file which servers are responsible for which security function. The security services on all your servers will automatically establish the secure connections between each other and will continue monitor their security thanks blockchain-based cross-checks.
Simplify and enhance your IT security environment
You made it, you are a part of a large business. Your company has over 2000+ employees but either you can’t hire enough security experts or and you want to save on the $16 millions which your average peers spend annually on cyber security.
Leverage the power of a scaled service oriented security architecture where the open-source & standardization aspects mean that any efficiency improvements performed by a member of the community will be shared among other members of the community. You can also transparently outsource the security to RootOwl or other community partners and thus achieve even larger saving thanks to huge economies of scale.
Differentiate your business with blockchain
You have a good business, but you want to provide more transparency, create an ecosystem or simply tokenize some assets. You hear about blockchain but the level of complexity and the security failures of many blockchain-backed companies are daunting.
RootOwl platform includes a blockchain-as-a-service component. You can easily & securely connect any of your applications to a public or your own private distributed ledger via simple APIs. As with the overall platform, we provide you with all the security features so that you can make a better application for your users.