Further accelerate your application development, lower the security operations costs or ger more help by buying services and security components through our blockchain marketplace. A portion of proceed will be invested into an insurance and bug bounty smart contracts to provide more assurance and security.

If you’re a developer who are looking for security Dapps and components,
If you’re a company that needs professional IT support or consultant and looking for qualified specialized expert,
Here we can bring it all to you, via our global security marketplace to meet all your business needs.
RootOwl foundation helps to form 2 distinct marketplaces - for products and for services, which makes it easy to find new security solution and services to build your business faster, cheaper & more securely.
Marketplace for security components and solutions
The marketplaces run on a blockchain and the transparency will be further enhanced with a credit scoring service and a security-centered software release process.
Community marketplace for support, consulting and other services
As developer’s applications gain popularity, scale up or as ever more critical systems are build on top of our security infrastructure, the developers will require stricter SLAs and more specialized help growing and operating the applications and related infrastructure. Therefore, RootOwl foundation will provide the key support and actively work with 3rd parties to provide richer, more specialized and localized services via the service marketplace. Anyone can create projects, set their target price and to attract any community experts or search for the right contributors to join. Smart contract will manage KPIs and payments disbursement. All contribution in our security ecosystem are fully accountable and enforced with our credit rating blockchain service.
The Transparent Security-centered release organization
RootOwl security ecosystem has an incredible ability to connect previously disconnected software development activities - problem identification, implementation, deployment & operations. Our community release process integrates bug bounties together with the community development of the security components and an automated release process (similar to Google Play release & auto-updates) which delivers security updates to all servers without affecting the operation of the developers’ applications running on the server thanks to a service oriented security architecture.
The enhanced identity, signing and web of trust functions in our ledgers are themselves designed as an independent security services (components) and are accessible to developers for their identity and access management needs in their applications towards admins, peer-servers as well as end-users.
Assurance programs
RootOwl foundation will invest into initiatives benefiting the entire security ecosystem.
Systematic bounty programs to drive white-hacker engagement
RootOwl foundation guarantees that at least 1% of the proceeds in the marketplace will be allocated into a bug bounty program in order to create lasting incentives to responsible white-hat hacking and continuous strengthening of the security.
Native developer insurance program
To counter the effects of black-hat attacks, the Foundation will allocate at least 1% of all the proceeds from the marketplace into a rainy day insurance program for all affected community members.