RO weekly report
Jan 11th 2019
Technology Progress:
This week, we have received the reply from our current server provider that the problem with our cloud networking performance lies in virtualization and the solution is to move to a more expensive bigger server. Initially, we believe we can deliver the MVP using the current server, but once we get scaled,we need to consider another server hosting provider or even building our own server capacity.
Referring to the cloud provisioning project, our expert with the help of his colleagues has prepared the initial version of an API used for VPS provisioning. The next steps are testing, preparing a documentation of the API and develop a front-/back-end integration with the marketplace so that the MVP and customer demos can include automated server provisioning (for hardened Linux and hyperledger private network when available).
About the private hyperledger network, we have updated the private hyperledger roadmap due in order to add the SDK works.
The front end development for the user registration (part of the marketplace) is being rebuilt from the ground up. The estimated time of delivery is the end of next week.
HIDS work is currently under testing.
Building the team:
We are keeping the current team and not much enlarging.
We have met with some capital ventures this week and had valuable communication about the coming plan.
Next Week Planning:
1. Testing the prototype HIDS
2. Continue to develop the hyperledger private network
3. Rebuild the user registration portal of marketplace