RO weekly report
Jan 4th 2019
Technology Progress:
This week, we have a great progress on hardening script, which is fully completed and is able to fully automatically.
The prototype HIDS is still being debugged, we’re looking for some experienced developers to this project.
For the hyperledger private network, we are building the SDKs and migrating parts of the hyperledger to v1.4 as the new releases brings significant improvement and retires some used technologies this week. There are some tedious steps needed to make tour architecture work. Our development team is going to revamp the complete plan to review if we can speed up and make some optimizations.
The marketplace is pending by the user registration portal issue and our team is fixing it now.
Refer to the cloud provisioning project, we had found some issues in our network and been focus on debugging these days. Yesterday, we has identified a possible root cause to the network performance.Currently we have submitted a support ticket to the server provider in order to verify the problem.And there were some performance issues so we’re fixing those before moving forward with automation.
Building the team:
We are communicating with global experts and are open to experienced experts and developers to join our project.
Our COO has had a meeting with the CEO of an advanced identity & authentication company to talk about the cooperation in 3 ways as the conclusion:
1. Via their identity for our back-end internal use
2. Providing product as a service on our marketplace
3. Become our partner in delivering the distributed identity and being willing to use the technology for the use in a next-gen blockchain.
Next Week Planning:
1. Improve the prototype HIDS to make it work with hyperledger
2. Continue to develop the hyperledger private network
3. Fix the user registration portal issue of marketplace
4. Debug for the network issue of cloud provisioning project