RO weekly report
Dec 28th 2018
Technology Progress:
The prototype HIDS is being debugged and improved at this stage.Target to get the improved version before Chinese Spring Festival.
For the hyperledger private network, we are building the access control list and an interface for user queries in order to provide security incidence overview for the demo-dashboard. We plan to finish this task within this week and then move forward to the automated deployment of the private hyperledger networks.
After long days of intense debugging, the hardening script is able to fully automatically harden a ubuntu 16.04 LTS servers (grub, kernel, userspace) on digitalocean.
Refer to the new started cloud provisioning project, we will test the script on our rootowl cloud images and start preparing an automated hardened linux VPS deployment these two days.
Building the team:
Because of the Chrismas holiday, our international cooperator experts are mainly on vacation this week, but we are working with our Chinese development team for the deguging and version improvement.
We has contact with some Chinese incubators this week. They showed interest on our project and we will move forward on it.
Next Week Planning:
1.Improve the prototype HIDS
2.Develop the hyperledger private network
3.Develop the marketplace
4.Develop the cloud provisioning project