RO weekly report
Dec 21th 2018
Technology Progress:
The prototype HIDS has been developed on this Monday and our security expert has done the analysis on the architecture to make a some improvements on it. Some international cooperator experts would like to join our project and the qualified proposal will be proposed by next week.
Hyperledger private network is being build. We have prepared a detailed data model for the host intrusion detection. This is important because we are slowly starting to put together the building pieces of our MVP where the intrusion detection tool runs on customer servers with hardened linux and uses a private, detached customer’s hyperledger network for security evaluation & an immutable storage of security related information and yet relies on our marketplace and public hyperledger network for payments and subscriptions (payments and subscriptions will not be a part of the MVP).
The registration and landing page for the marketplace have been completed on 20th December and React.js front end has been connected.Moreover, the backend API for the hyperledger marketplace registration is also completed and today should be dedicated to connecting the front-end and back-end and to test the overall solution.
The hardening script can successfully perform the hardened kernel recompilation, now it works at its core, but we still need to fix some bugs to make sure it works reliably in its entirety.
In addition, we have started a cloud provisioning project with former AWS expert in middle Asia.He has fixed all the network issues with the VPS provisioning so we can now deploy VPS servers on demand and we have infrastructure administration functionality available (we don’t have a self-care portal for customers. We could initially purchase a 3rd party connector, which would cost some EUR 1-3 / server / month and later develop our own connector).
The next stage will be scale the openstack to a multi-server cluster solution and to prepare a script or API for an automated deployment so that we can connect this functionality to the marketplace.
Building the team:
Continue coworking with more international security experts and have open discussion with global branches about coming development plan.
Recently we has started working on a market research about early stage startup incubators, because these incubators are prime partners for introducing our solution to startups. We want companies to start building their applications on our platform instead of figuring out how to migrate.
Next Week Planning:
1.Improve the prototype HIDS
2.Solve the remaining problems on kernel recompilation
3.Develop the cloud provisioning project