RO weekly report
Dec 14th 2018
Technology Progress:
Test net of hyperledger architecture has been postponed due to added complexity of development.As for that, we make the devnet move faster with the initial marketplace chaincodes and the initial data model as a backup plan for that. We will keep working on that and the test net is planned to be completed by the end of the year.
About hardened Linux, we have solved the problem on kernel recompilation to achieve an automated server hardening. Testing of the hardening script is delayed because of problems with github,which is under solving now.
We start developing the mockups for the initial service provisioning this week.Besides, we have completed the price negotiations, technical feasibility, review of process flow and some technical decisions for the development of the registration & sign-in functionality and the user-landing page for the user portal for it.
For blockchain based integrity scanner, we have finished a key part of the integrity scanner on Tuesday and debugged the overall scanner functionality on Wednesday.Currently the core file system comparison function as a smart contract has been developed and we will have a internal demo today within team.
The design file of the installer has been completed on product level and we are working on on designing technical implementation (mainly about API interfaces) as the next step.
Building the team:
We have confirmed with a senior architect to co work a cloud provisioning project in the coming days.He has great experience in architecture and UML diagrams, and he has lead a team of 10 engineers responsible for building an Iranian alternative AWS.
Our COO has attended the Finance & Security conference with our security researcher who spoke about security architecture in Shanghai on December 13.This conference gathered the industry's senior experts, scholars, security companies and authoritative organizations from around the world, to comprehensively discuss the macro-strategy and ideas of the development of the security industry.
Next Week Planning:
1.Test and improve the prototype HIDS
2.Test the solved problem on kernel recompilation
3.Develop the prototype of the hyperledger as a service