RO weekly report
Dec 7th 2018
Technology Progress:
We’re preparing to launch a testnet for hyperledger architecture. In this week, we’re focus on building the full architecture, flowcharts and data models for the user-registration & basic marketplace so that the work can commence as soon as the initial part of the testnet is launched. At the same time, we’re preparing the first stage of the basic testnet.
For the hardened Linux, we have completed the security audit, improved certain kernel configurations and added more userspace hardening measures as well as completed the documentation. We are now working on an automated script for remote server hardening, we have overcome several technical difficulties and if there are no more unforeseen technical challenges, we hope to finish by the end of this week or middle of the next week.
About the blockchain based integrity scanner, we have successfully built up the tree structure in a smart contract which has been verified via internal test and we have rolled in an advanced regular expression this week and finally built up the correct tree model. For next week, we will develop the core file system comparison function as a smart contract.
In addition,we have started working on the architecture for the installer so that we can progress with it as soon as the core functionality of the intrusion detection tool is completed.
Building the team:
A senior security expert with experience from some of the world’s largest ecommerce and IoT companies has confirmed that he will join us full-time for the further development and overall service architecture from January in 2019.
We have confirmed the appointment with John R. Freeman, who is an international expert hacker with experience hacking airplanes, training elite national cyber unit of Kenyan government, speaking at prestigious cybersecurity conferences and building security communities around the world. Our COO will meet him next month to have a conversation about future cooperation. For media, we have launched our social accounts on major international media. Moreover, one of our security researchers will speak about security architecture at a Finance & Security conference in Shanghai on December 12.
Next Week Planning:
1.Development of the core file system comparison function of the blockchain-based integrity scanner
2. Complete the full architecture, flowcharts and data models for the user-registration & basic marketplace and commence the actual development using our initial testnet
3.Solve the problem on kernel recompilation to achieve an automated server hardening