RO weekly report
Nov 23th 2018
Technology Progress:
Our development team has finished the code review of hyper ledger based scanner and is starting to build the integrity scanner. It will take 3~4 weeks to deliver the initial scanner which is working securely with blockchain.
We are making ground-breaking work to provide a unique hybrid-private-public blockchain infrastructure similar to intranet-internet architecture, because each customer requires a complete ownership and security of their data, while they still want to benefit from a wider open blockchain infrastructure platform. We have been clarifying practical issues of ownership, control, security of authorization and administration of nodes, data and processes and we are in the latter stages of verifying the functionality of the architecture. We have hired an expert who will help us set up the initial blockchain public & private networks using the standard Hyperledger Fabric and only later we will bring in fundamental improvements to the hyperledger technology itself in order to keep the work complexity in check.
The initial version will still have a few work-arounds and a few open questions, but the plan is to start working on deployment & sample applications in the coming 1-2 weeks. The use-cases for the next ~3 months will include the purchase of a private hyperledger, purchase of VMs & security components, purchase of services and expiring a subscription to a service/component.
About the hardening, the documentation has been concluded and we are going to perform the security audit next week.
Building the team:
There’re 2 more security experts who are showing their interest in our project and having discussion with us lately. One of them was a core member of Intel team which is for developing the technology, who will work with us on the SGX security.
We attended the RBWC(The Responsible Blockchain World Championship) 2018 in Shenzhen this Friday.
Both RBWC co-chairs and start-up representatives will come together to celebrate the launch of the RBWC China and the announcement of the Blockchain Funding Academy. We attended as the judge and also took part in the panel of the challenges and opportunities for blockchain projects.
For the Wallet, our team has joined the final Top16 of Bytom global development competition and won the Top 7 rewards on 17th Nov.
Currently, some global contributors have been engaged in our project for co-working. A Guamemala expert who is a hacker and a successful blockchain entrepreneur shows his interest in us, and we will have a face to face communication in the coming December for more discussion.
Next Week Planning:
1.Start the coding of blockchain based integrity scanner.
2.Review our hyperledger architecture
3.Documentation of hardening