RO weekly report
Mar 15th 2019
Technology Progress:
In provisioning cloud project, we have increased the deployed VPS to 12 this week but found out there were some network issues. On this Friday. we have fully debugged the 2 issues with our VPS and started to gradually increase the number of available VPS instances to continue in our stress testing and learning more about optimal hardware composition for production servers. We are contin-uously evaluating the resource intensity and optimal choice of server hardware for scaling.
Referring to hyper ledger network, we have done several analyses of our overall software stack to determine the optimal technologies for deployment automation. And have started to collect automa-tion requirements and reviewed the initially information on the variables then kicked off the manual deployment of the private hyperledger network on 13th of March. The initial manual deployment of our test private hyperledger network should further enhance our ability to better design overall automation as well as become a basis for our HIDS MVP.
All work and costs associated with building the marketplace are currently on hold and waiting for cru-cial parts of the work on HIDS & deployment automation to be completed.
Our innovative distributed development model enables us to shift development priorities with mini-mum to no negative effect on operating costs and thus increase an overall business sustainability.
Building the team:
A senior hyperledger & chaincode expert is joining our team. He will be directly responsible for im-plementing the data model on our private hyperledger network and make a crucial ground work to launching our HIDS MVP.
No major update for this week.
Next Week Planning:
1. Investigate & test options for a backup, recovery and upscaling of our cloud system
2. Initiate work on the data model implementation (a pre-requisite to deployment of the HIDS as a smart contract)
3. Continue manual deployment of the private hyperledger network (mainly focused on kubernetes)
4. Keep on collecting variables for automated deployment
5. Review the budget plan and development plan accordingly