RO weekly report
Mar 8th 2019
Technology Progress:
In this week, the integration of the marketplace with hyperledger public network has been completed and tested. We also spent time doing performance optimizations. About the provisioning cloud project, we have performed resource optimization across all deployed services and lowered required resources by 50% on CPU and also improved RAM usage. We are shifting towards analyzing and making a plan for the next phase and moving all the important data away.
We have also discovered that the native deployment of openstack and hyperledger includes certain vulnerabilities which enable bad actors to perform amplification DDoS attacks so we are hardening the overall infrastructure.
On the other hand, we have prepared a rough plan for the next 3 phases (manually building the private hyperledger, creating interconnection to the public hyperledger network and automating the deployment for customers). The private hyperledger deployment is currently estimated to 70-90 hours of work at least and the automation is estimated to take around 250 hours. The automated deployment of hyperledger-as-a-service is a massive undertaking.Our team will work over the next weeks on an in-depth analysis and PoC on automating the private ledger deployment on the OpenStack infrastructure level instead of going full crazy with ansible scripting. This analysis will be ongoing for the next week intensely and then continue throughout March & early April in slower mode focused on capture insights from actual manual deployment.
For the HIDS, we have updated tech product requirements specifications and reviewed tech feasibility. Our team has factored in to the next phase roadmap.
Finally, about the marketplace, which is all up and working. It proved the functionality of the chain codes and opened up the future development. However, we are currently parking the work there until around April and we shift our focus and resources more towards the HIDS and private blockchain-as-a-service.
Building the team:
We are searching for a new engineer who can do a part of the automation and a dedicated engineer who could handle both the fundamental blockchain work on SDK, chaincode and security. This week, we have already interviewed 6 people but none meets the high requirements. We are continuing our search.
No major update for this week.
Next Week Planning:
1.Debugging and fixing issues in 2 VPS
2. Analyzing a cross-technological synergies to find a novel way to handle the automated deployment of hyperledger-as-a-service
3. Searching for 2 new engineers for the automation and handle both the fundamental blockchain work on SDK
4. Starting the work on manual deployment of the private hyperledger network