RO weekly report
Feb 22th 2019
Technology Progress:
In this week, our public blockchain network SDK is ready for deployment. The registration portal has encountered some crypto-related problems, but we have solved it and the job is largely completed and it is ready for the deployment & testing.
Our first priority is to move away from our current server provider (Alpharacks) because they have failed to resolve 2 critical problems with the server in the past 4 days.The inability to use the dedicated server has cascaded into the testnet deployment and we were focus on fixing the server issue.
The outstanding remainder of the development work has been completed on this Tuesday and we were solely waiting for the new server to deploy the solutions onto our dedicated cloud provisioning server.
The new server has been purchased on Thursday but our deployment is pending because of the new IP addresses is required, which we have requested, and now we were waiting for the feedback.
Building the team:
We are now keeping the current technical team for the necessary deployment while keeping a close eye on costs in order to dedicate maximum amount of our resources directly into productive activities.
Our COO has met the director from NetEase and he thinks NetEase itself is not interested in investing into IT security as they are cutting some expenses on non-essential projects, however, he might introduce us to another investor who considers starting a VC fund in China.
Next Week Planning:
1.Obtain the new IP address of new server and complete the deployment
2. Continue the deployment and testing for cloud server provisioning project
3. Continue the deployment and testing for the public hyperledger network
4. Continue the deployment and testing for the registration portal & landing of marketplace