RO weekly report
Feb 15th 2019
Technology Progress:
About the provisioning cloud project, we have solved the server provisioning problems for the new dedicated server and installed openstack. The performance is finally on-par with the bare metal, we are good to start provisioning the blockchain peer instances and we have run the hardening script and it works as expected.
Our cloud expert is manually preparing the virtual servers so that we can initiate the first stage of the transition from devnet to testnet by the end of the week. The initial stage will not include the private blockchain network, which will be the priority after we launch the MVP for the public network and marketplace.
Today, our team is troubleshooting some CPU related configuration with Alpharacks (the server provider), hopefully these servers should be available also by the end of the week.
For the public hyperledger, we have resolved the issues with the CAs in hyperledger and prepared a set of functions when building the front end marketplace portal.
The Guatemalan expert has done some basic penetration testing on our hardened linux. He discovered that we need to spend more time and effort on configuration of PaX and kernel against all available processes.
Referring to the marketplace, the work on the registration portal progresses well so far, we are troubleshooting some password hashing algorithm. The target is to finish the registration portal by the end of this week. At the same time, we continue the development and testing of the public SDK so that the marketplace and the public network can launch around the beginning of the next week. We are facing some server resource limitations and performance issues at the old host provider, but we believe these should be eliminated once we migrate to the testnet. Today, our team is continuing the groundwork for launching the registration portal and the public network. The coding part should be finished by the end of the week and we will then be bootstrapping the network itself.
Building the team:
Our development team has done some researches on Grsecurity & PAX in order to identify the best way forward with fixing the situational hardening of our hardened Linux, and we need expert in this area to help us handle a sample situational hardening and prepare a process-scripts of white-listing & black-listing processes in order to integrate this into the updater component, which we are looking for currently.
On Monday, we have met a Korean investor and talked about our project and vision. He showed interest and would like to see more about our details. We will send our business plan to him when we fixed.
Next Week Planning:
1. Launch the public blockchain network testnet together with the registration portal
2. Launch the initial cloud network
3. Start debugging the overall infrastructure