RO weekly report
Jan 25th 2019
Technology Progress:
This week, since cloud provisioning project is in the break, we are focus on the SDK on hyperledger network. One of our cloud server has been found some issue this week, we are fixing the issue and plan to start the SDK work from next week before Chinese Spring Festival.
For HIDS testing and debugging, all work well and we are building some works for the improvement.
On the other hand, we are still reworking on the marketplace registration portal and fixing some issue which have been found.
Building the team:
We will not enlarge our team due to the budget control.After the Spring Festival, we may make some organization change for the current team.
We have met some new investors in the last two weeks and had a good communication about the current market. We also consider the overseas’ area.
Next Week Planning:
1. Adding SDK on hyperledger private network
2. Rebuilding the user registration portal of marketplace
3.Prototype HIDS testing