RO weekly report
Jan 18th 2019
Technology Progress:
We have had a great update on our product roadmap and product lines, on the other hand, we are slowing down the budget to the absolute minimum, so the progress is minimal but everything is going towards clear planned targets.
For HIDS, we are focus on testing and finding issues.
Referring to the cloud provisioning project, our international expert is taking leaves this week and the next week, so it’s in a break in January.
About the private hyperledger network, we are working on adding the SDK and all work well so far.
The marketplace registration portal is still being reworked, but it’s facing some issues, we have provided additional feedback to hurry up the delivery.
Building the team:
We have interviewed a new hyperledger chaincode developer who will take part in the HIDS improvement development these days.
We are doing zero-based budgeting to better understand the cost structure and to eliminate any and all unnecessary expenses. Besides, we are implementing scrum in technical development team to further eliminate waste and rework in the technical area.
Next Week Planning:
1. Testing the prototype HIDS
2. Continue rebuilding the user registration portal of marketplace
3.Adding SDK on hyperledger private network