About us

RootOwl is specializing in cyber security since 2016, providing comprehensive security solutions from applications to infrastructure layers, not only for traditional industry, but also for the blockchain industry. Now we are building the open source, secure infrastructure platform for developers and companies which want to have a cheaper, faster and secure environment for their applications and systems.
Our technical team has been engaged in cyber security research since 1999, gathering more than 600 security information experts around the world. In the past decade, we have been analyzing hundreds of security attack techniques and designing profound cyber defenses addressing the root causes of the insecurity instead of trying to patch a broken system.
We have been involved in R&D of blockchain security since 2016. We are using our technology stack to both solve blockchain security problems and also use blockchain technology to reshape security solutions.
The RootOwl Foundation was established in Europe as a formal organization in 2016.
While majority of people are focusing on the payment transaction using blockchain technology, the RootOwl Foundation is more concerned about the blockchain’s impact on security, trust and accountability. We already observe how companies are facing unprecedented security challenges with the growing popularity of digital currency transactions, Dapps and platforms based on blockchain technology. That’s the motivation and purpose the Foundation is founded. We gathered our founders with same goal to help the blockchain security development and built up our team. Now we has launched our branches in London, Singapore, Guangzhou & Shanghai in Mainland China, Taipei and Silicon Valley, continue our effort on the reach & development in security.
University Partnership
RootOwl will provide a free access and token to universities in order to help students learn blockchain, security or develop their application ideas for RootOwl. The program will serve to develop awareness and teach the future developers and IT managers how they can build applications and solutions more securely and faster.
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